The next steps: Planning a Schedule

I live and breathe by my Passion Planner!!!!

I live and breathe by my Passion Planner!!!!


I'm planning my schedule for next year, and dear lord is it overwhelming. In the lovely area of Northern California, I can race until my hearts content. Don't worry, I'm going to! 

But which races do I race? I'm used to Crits and Park Races (they count as circuit races, not crits or road races, but somewhere in between) from the NYC scene, so now I want to try my hand at more road races. I also want to hit as many of the USA Crit Series as I can. My favorite races this past season where the races where I jumped in and got my butt kicked. Hanging on to the pack for dear life is a really good evaluation of what you need to work on. It rapidly increases the learning curve and you figure things out or you get dropped. 

So that's my plan. More road races, local crits, and as much of the USA Crit Series as I can reasonably participate in.  

In the meantime. Train, Train, Train! These crazy folks in California start racing in January, that's right around the corner!!!! WOOT!

Taking suggestions on races I positively should not miss! Let me know!

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