Can we not hate on Serena because she won instead of a Horse?


I can't even believe this is a thing. Serena owned the hell out of 2015, even with a devastating loss at the US Open. Owned, Slayed, Destroyed, you name it, she deserves our praises. She was number 1 every week for the second year in a row, and won all but 3 of 53 matches. 

Apparently Sports Illustrated thought she killed it too, but naturally haters gonna hate. So here we are, a woman FINALLY friggin chosen as the Sportsperson of the year for the first time in over 30 years, and people are mad because the Horse didn't win.

No big deal. Right? The horse had a great year too, no denying that, but at the end of the day, folks are being downright disrespectful about the whole situation. What the heck does a black woman need to do to earn her accolades? It's so disheartening to see the dark corners of society when a strong black woman takes the spot that was arguably stolen from an animal. No offense to American Pharoah, but he's not even a person... so that disqualifies him right off the bat in my book. 

I'm having a very hard week on the bike, but seeing things like Serena gracing us all with her presence on the cover of Sports Illustrated keeps me going. Never retreat, never surrender. She is the seed of hope for little girls everywhere that look like her that they can play whatever sport they want to play, and thrive even! Who cares if you're one of very few participants who look like you. I want to do that, and I want even more little girls to feel that, because it's true. 

These folks can stay mad. Cuz Serena doesn't appear to be done continuously slaying chicks and looking incredible while doing it.  

Homegirl is ALWAYS giving me life... #swagswagswag 

Ayesha McGowan2 Comments