Getting Sick


I have a cold. At least once a year one of my tiny students sneezes or coughs directly in my face.  When that happens it's only a matter of time before I'm out for the count. 

I get so depressed when I'm sick. I hate when my body won't do the things I'm asking it to do. But colds happen and keeping moral high is key to getting better.  

Yesterday my husband gave me some of his families home remedies. After missing two days of training, I was willing to try anything. So today I'm back on trainer. It's raining out and not worth the risk of diving deeper into my sickness. I Netflix and train while he and the animals Netflix and chill... It's not as fun as riding outside, but it's definitely better than hacking up a lung for the duration of my long ride. 

This Cali rain is killin my vibe. Better than ice and snow tho!!! How do y'all stay healthy in mixed weather?

Ayesha McGowanComment