Keeping spirits high during the winter.

Winter time is the absolute worst. It's also allegedly a great time to get some really good training in. I personally haven't ridden outside (except for my 1.3 mile commute to/ from work) since November? It's just not a pleasant experience, and I personally can not get anything done while my body is rebelliously shivering. 

I know how to layer and I have access to what seems like a lifetime supply of hand/ foot warmers. It's still not enough. So i've been stuck on my trainer with so many other freezing northeasterners. Waiting very impatiently for the day where going outside doesn't mean potentially slipping on ice or getting frost bite. 

When I woke up this morning, the temperature was 3 degrees fahrenheit with a real feel of -19. Leave it to the north to make 20 degrees and sunny something to look forward to. 


So how do you keep your spirits up when you've been staring at videos of people riding outside for months with no hope of doing so yourself anytime soon? 

Remember what it's all about. I keep reminding myself that if I slack now, I'll pay for it come race time. It keeps me going. A wise birdie recently told me "this is the kind of weather where you can really make gains over people!" I just keep repeating that to myself whenever I'm bored sitting on the trainer. It helps me get through the rest of my workout. 

Other helpful tools are good music, cycling videos, and self mantras. Whatever it takes, don't sit down, don't give up. Most importantly don't over do it. 

Good luck! 

Ayesha McGowanComment