Slowly re-entering the pain cave.

As much as I enjoyed catching up on family time and eating burritos like there was no tomorrow, the time has come to get my butt back into gear and prep for next season. This time of year is particularly challenging because it's the time of year where we celebrate a bunch of stuff with super giant and unhealthy but incredibly delicious meals. These meals are most often followed by an EXTREME case of the itis. 

We goal setters don't have time for set backs. We've got souls to crush, and soul crushing season is fast approaching! I'm pumped!!! I've found a fun team (stay tuned) and have built some pretty cool partnerships. I'm also putting together a A Quick Brown Fox tour of American cities. There might possibly be some AQBF clinics and rides coming your way (stay tuned for that as well). Woot!

Despite the inherent chaos of deciding on a team, working out sponsorship/ ambassador agreements, and putting together this tour. I'm rather satisfied with everything. This past season was great, I learned a ton, made a bunch of new friends, and went to quite a few new places. Can't ask for much more than that. =)



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