Day 2: Netflix & Train | Chewing Gum


Ayesha's Rating: Well... Okay then! 


Chewing Gum is the brainchild of Michaela Coel. It's sort of a coming of age tale in the vein of "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" meets "Insecure" meets some poor soul who hasn't quite figured out anything in life. It's pretty great, and super uncomfortable. DEFINITELY NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN, and would be a pretty odd thing to watch with your parents. Main character Tracey and her sister were raised by a very devout evangelical mother. So her outlooks on life are soley based on her mothers interpretations of life as an evangelical Christian. Both Tracey and her sister go through a world wind of realizations over the course of the season, and it is beyond hilarious. The episodes are sitcom length, but each one is jam packed with enough foolery and excitement to keep you distracted from your seemingly endless indoor workout! DO IT!

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