Day 14: Believe your own Hype

Last week I interviewed Xenia Rubinos for a bonus episode of Fix it Black Jesus. I was absolutely blown away by her parting words of advice. "Believe your own hype". Do you know how freaking hard it is to do that? I've likely written a few blog posts on this very same topic already, but her phrasing just really hit home. If that interview taught me anything, it's that whenever Xenia says something, I usually hear something completely different than her intention. So this is my interpretation of this.  Don't just believe in yourself, believe that other people believe in you. Allow them to be supportive, let them in. If you receive a compliment, don't say "naaa", say "Thank You". Not everyone is just blowing hot air up your butt. Some are, but it's not your job to worry about that. 

She also suggested focusing, and being extremely honest with yourself. You know where you need improvement, not even just as an athlete, but also as a human. Listen to that voice, let that in to. Create an action plan to solve the problems you want to solve. 

At the end of the day, you are awesome. Look how far you've come! Believe your own Hype!

Ayesha McGowanComment