Day 3: Strive on Strava


For day three of 25 days of Blogmas I want to share a project I did with Strava. Strava is a social network where athletes can track their data, communicate with friends, and connect with local groups. It was a lot of fun doing hill repeats with my girls Luisa Sempere and Erica Schwanke. The definition of what makes you an athlete is completely based on perception. If you get outside (or inside!) and do something active, you are most definitely an athlete in my book. Stop the stigma that you need to do the absolute most to be considered a legit athlete, whatever your level of comfort, go for it. Go for a bike ride or a run, or even a walk. Stick with it. I believe in you. Strive for your own goals, Do you! 

Ayesha McGowanComment