Day 8: TBT | Love at first bike.

The day I brought home my first fancy shmancy road bike was a very happy day. My buddy Daryl walked me through the process (I was very nervous), and we settled on this gem. A 2012 Cannondale Women's Specific SuperSIX. I just KNEW it was going to be mine. Unfortunately I didn't have Cannondale Women's Specific SuperSIX money lying around, so I put down a deposit, and planned to pay it off over time.

 As luck would have it a few days before my 27th birthday, I was offered an opportunity to appear in a bank commercial. Actually, this bank commercial: 

They paid a me, real teacher, to pretend to be a teacher in the commercial for like 2 seconds. Definitely the easiest money I've ever made (btw. Holler at your girl if you're casting for a commercial). It was great, I had what felt like a "smile-off" with a hired actress... apparently my smile won cuz homegirl does not make an appearance in this commercial. The cool thing about a national TV spot is that they pay you enough to buy your first road bike! You know that phrase "Don't spend it all at once?"... well I didn't.. but I certainly spent most of it, and I haven't regretted it yet! I'm a strong believer that Black Jesus wanted me to have that bike. He knew what was going to happen. He knew!


Somewhere between putting up a down payment, and paying in full, I joined the Ride Brooklyn Shop team. The rest is history! 

There's no way I could have guessed that I'd go on to win a State Championship a few weeks later, or that I'd be full steam ahead in an attempt to go Pro less than a year later, OR that I'd be a Cannondale ambassador two years later!!!! Man, we're going on three years later and I plan to keep the awesome going!!!! What was your first road bike? Have you met it yet? 

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