Who Runs the World?

Girls of course...

Ovarian Psycos

A few summers ago, two rad Ovarian Psycos showed up to a ride I was co-leading for WE BIKE NYC. They'd ridden their bikes across the country, and didn't have a place to stay in NY. Of course immediately called Will, and we offered up our living room. Andi and Gloria were great company. I was inspired by their unapologetic approach to living their lives. They weren't experienced bike tourists, but they made it work even when Gloria's bike was stolen before they even got started. Just another example of what women and women of color can accomplish when they've set their mind to something.  Now Andi and two other members are featured in a film about the group. It's a story that everyone should hear, and I can't wait to see it myself. The film will premiere at SXSW, so if you're at the festival, make it a point to go check it out! 

RAZZLE DAZZLE has a website!

And supporter kits!

We've already landed 6 podium spots this season, and we're just getting started! Please take a minute to follow us on facebook and instagram, and check out our website! While youre there, you can order your own RAZZLE DAZZLE supporter kit! Woot!

More info at: razzledazzleracing.com

Evie did it!

Photo by Casey B Gibson

Photo by Casey B Gibson

What did Evie do? She Broke the hour record of course! Riding a distance of 47.980 she blew the previous record out of the water! Ever since the UCI changed the rules in 2014, both men and women have been attempting the hour record one right after the other. It was attempted by four women in a single Calendar year (Feb 2015- Feb 2016), and broken 3 out of those 4 times! It's incredible to see the ladies going for it, and crushing it time and time again! Keep giving them something to talk about. It should be mentioned that tickets for Evie's attempt at the new Colorado Velodrome sold out in 4 minutes! That's rock star status. It was at a celebration in Evie's honor that several women racers planted the seed in my head about racing myself. That day I met Tayler Wiles, Carmen Small, Evelyn Stevens, and the rest of the then Specialized Lululemon team. Of course I was too much of a punk to go for it until a year later, and the rest is history!!!! 

Speaking of which. If you're in NYC registration for the first of the CRCA Women's Development Series Sponsored by Hatchmap closes tomorrow! GO FOR IT!!!!!!!


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