Portraits by François Lebeau and Interview with Pretty. Damned. Fast.

François Lebeau portraits in Conquista

Yesterday was International Women's Day! It was also the day registration opened for the 2016 Red Hook Crit series. I won't be racing in Brooklyn this year, but I am excited to share some portraits done just after last years Red Hook Crit Brooklyn! 

François Lebeau took some truly amazing portraits of me and a few other women who raced! It's really great to see myself off the bike, sometimes it feels like I don't ever exist with both feet on the ground. It's also fun to let my hair fly free. I was always self concious of my hair growing up, my mom still complains when I pull it back. I've grown to love my wild and crazy trestles. They truly compliment my eccentric personality! The portraits have been published in the latest edition of The Conquista Cycling Quarterly! You can pick up a copy here. I assume they'll also offer a digital version soon! In the meantime, be sure to go check out more of François' work, and follow him on instagram at @franciouslebeau. 

Interview with Pretty. Damned. Fast.


Please check out my interview with Anna Maria from Pretty Damned Fast! It's an honor to be featured on their blog. They are doing their part to make sure that women do way more than just look good on bikes. A lot of them also go pretty damned fast! Check it out!

More big news coming sometime next week! Also, I'm going to keep reminding everyone I know that my BBC piece airs on TV on April 4th! Woot!

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