Hey you! Everyone get's Sick!

Heading back out into the world after a week of hiding indoors! 

Heading back out into the world after a week of hiding indoors! 

So you caught a cold, or a the flu, or a stomach bug, and you missed more workouts that you wanted to. Question? Are you still alive? Did you make it through? If the answer is, "Not yet", then you need to continue to rest my friend. If the answer is, "yes", then good, you can get back to work now. 

The most damaging part of missing workouts due to sickness for me is the mental aspect. Those panicky thoughts that I've wrecked my entire season because I am a mere mortal. Naturally missing workouts is never a good thing, but I can guarantee you that panicking is make it a heck of a lot worse. 

YOU ARE GOING TO BE OKAY! You're healing, or you're healed, and once all of that is done, the good work can continue! 

With that being said, I am THRILLED to be on the other side of this god forsaken sinus situation. I would really prefer if the rain would stay in Spain for a while, it really messes with my system. COME ONE CALIFORNIAAAAA. Also this happened... and since it's basically my default route, I'm peeved. 

I guess it's just a great excuse to do even more exploring! Positivity is pro, eh? Be on the lookout for an announcement! I'm up to something fun, and I plan to share it with other humans in the next few days! Woot!

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