Quick Brown Foxes: Sandrine Uwayezu | Team Rwanda's First Female Mechanic


Questions by Kimberly Coats, Answers by Sandrine Uwayezu

K: What is your name? 
S: Sandrine Uwayezu

K: How old are you?
S: 21 Years old

K: How many brothers and sisters?
S: 2 sisters, no brother

K: Why did you first get into mechanics?
S: Was Rider first, then also the love of the bike and it’s environment kept me going, and so the mechanic part was good enough to stay close to the bikes

K: When did she first come to Africa Rising Cycling Center (ARCC)? 
S: The president of Team Fly from Kigali told me to attend a level 1 mechanic training at ARCC.

K: How did the ARCC find you?  
S: After training level 1, I passed the exam with good marks and was called to come back by ARCC’s head mechanic Mr. Sean Belfast; It was a dream coming true.

K: What do you like most about working on bikes?
S:  I like the idea of fixing a bike, even the smallest details; I enjoy more working on repairing cassettes.

K: Do you ride? 
S: Not really these days, but I do take a bike out for testing every the other day

K: How did you feel to be hired to work the Tour of Rwanda with Team Illuminate? 
S: Oh my God it was incredible and intense at the same time; I couldn’t tell if it was happiness or nervousness, but all in all its something I can never forget.

K: What did you like most about working at a professional race?
S: The organization, everybody knew what they had to do, made work easier that way.

K: Did you have any fears working with the professional team at a big race?
S: Yes of course, it was my first, I would be lying if I say I didn’t shake at the beginning but as days past I got into it well.

K: What was your most important learning experience?
S: My important experience was to know how to work on tubeless tires and electronic gears on Road Bikes. I learnt a lot but those are the striking ones

K: What are your future goals?
S: Am aiming to be a pro mechanic, and find a job in the cycling world especially America; hahaha

I love following along with what's happening over at the Africa Rising Cycling center, and all things Team Rwanda. It gives me so much inspiration and encouragement to see them put their heart and soul into cycling and I am so appreciative that they are willing to share their journey with all of us. If you don't already, please make a point of following Sandrine, Africa Women Cycling, and Team Rwanda! And remember to choose Team Rwanda on Smile Amazon to help support their mission!

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