Thanks for the support in 2017: SRAM, ZIPP, & Quarq!

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It's definitely more about the athlete than the equipment, but I'd be lying through my pearly whites if I didn't tell you the equipment certainly helps. I had the pleasure of being a SRAM ambassador in 2017 and man did it change my bike life! 

I was connected with my first real set of race wheels, a power meter, and SRAM RED eTap which has lead me to affectionately naming my ride, "Robot Bike". It makes a very fun technology sound when you shift. IT'S SO FREAKING COOL! 

It is more responsibility to remember to charge Robot bike, and to remember to bring said charger on the road, but what's really neat about it, is that if you're a dingbat and forget to charge the rear (which you use more), you can just move the front batter to the rear and now you can shift again. Granted your bike becomes a 1x, but at least you're not stuck in one gear for the rest of your ride. I'm proud to say this has not yet happened to me! GO ME! It is nice to know that I have that as an option! 

1x Rival (1 chain ring in the front) is freaking awesome too, it's soooo smooth and light, and I'm often dreaming up ways to race road on a 1x. I'm not brave enough to try it, but it does seem rather possible, especially for crits. It's not unheard of to race crits on a 1x setup! It's more common to have 1x on a cx bike or a mountain bike, but mark my words, you're going to be seeing a lot more 1x road setups in the near future. It's just too good to pass up if you're a recreational rider who's just looking for a good time! 

My ZIPP 303s have me FLYYYYYING and it's so freaking easy to fix a flat, I don't think I can over go back y'all (please don't make me). And working with a power meter is such a trip. I'm still adjusting to it to be honest, but I'm really seeing starting the benefits. Having tried the power tap power pedals and the Stages single crank arm power meter in the past, the quarq gets my vote as favorite setup and easiest to use. The crankarm only gave data on one side (which you can totally get away with) so it's nice to have a full spectrum. The power pedals gave me sooo many pedals strike scares during crits, I legit saw my life flash before my eyes more than a few times. Good for training, but I would NOT recommend them for any sort of aggressive racing, and that's my honest opinion. 

Okay, I think i've sung my due praises, so i will conclude with a simple and well deserved thank you! I'm so glad y'all allowed me to be a part of the SRAM, Zipp, Quarq fam, and I appreciate your enthusiasm for my initiatives especially Do Better Together, and a special shoutout to Nate and Kate for sending me parts to various places around the country and inviting me to great events. It's pretty great to have y'all in my corner. I know how special this opportunity is, and I'm very thankful for it. 

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