#DoBetterRide with Ayesha McGowan

The very last Do Better Together ride challenge begins tomorrow! Where did the time go? I can't believe we've been on this journey together since February. Now here I am in London writing this blog post and reflecting on all of the awesomeness that has occurred in the past 5 months. 

For you London based humans. I'm sorry I couldn't pull together medals and such for you, BUT I'm excited that I get to offer something equally (maybe even more) awesome! 

Next Saturday July 15th, 2017, we'll be riding together through the hills of Hertfordshire, stopping at a cafe at the halfway point, and then returning back to Highgate. Admittedly I have NO idea where any of these places are (save my google maps research), but I am really jazzed to ride with you all. It's a social ride so don't expect to race. The pace will be adjusted to the slowest rider, but realistically you're looking at 20km/h. This ride is being hosted by the London Bike Kitchen's WAG night!

WAG is the London Bike Kitchen’s bike maintenance community geared towards getting women and gender-variant people comfortable with repairs and riding. Team WAG is our new riding community where we provide monthly rides and training sessions.

If that's something you're into, I would love to meet and ride with you. The ride is free to join, but please be sure to RSVP

There are only a few spots left! =)

If you can ride in london, haven't registered yet, or just want to support me, it's not too late! While I have still worked my butt off teaching music, making appearances, and working with InTandem. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that cycling is expensive. While it hasn't made this journey impossible, it has forced me to be crafty and creative. The Do Better Ride was my biggest endeavor this year in both supporting my racing season, and working towards my mission if getting more WOCs riding and racing.

Your support has helped me in many ways:

  1. I have finally been able to afford consistent, solid coaching.
  2. I have been able to afford travel to race this summer. 
  3. I have been able to afford registrations to race this summer. 
  4. Food on the road. (Invaluable)
  5. Allowed me to focus on training and bike things more than I have been able to in the past (believe it or not).

It may not seem like a lot, but coaching, travel, food, and registrations, and stress add up quickly, and it was amazing to have not just your financial support, but your moral support as well. Thank you. I'm going to race in Europe. SO COOL!