Race Report: 60e Kermisronde van Duizel

This is the race where it started to click. I felt strong and confident enough to try things, and even tho they didn't work out, it ended in 10th place and a fire to try even harder next time. 

The course was fairly technical ::mutters "aren't they all":: and I still didn't nail the start. At this point however, I am confident in my ability to hang on for dear life and get back in there. Goonies never say die. Strong starts are my biggest goal for next season, it might be all in my head, but whatever it is, I'm determined to work it out. 

I hung on until I was able to move up into the pack. I saw a teammate go off the front,  moved up to help block and be ready for whatever came next. The pack pulled her back in and I launched my attack. HOLY SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS I WAS OFF THE FRONT ALONE. It seemed that I'd created quite some distance, but I saw a few women working to bridge. They caught on and we began to work together. It was fantastic. I thought to myself.. THIS MIGHT WORK. It wasn't too long before I realized I was taking more than my fair share of pulling. Folks were getting tired. I was getting tired. Another woman bridged and caught on to our group. By that point, we were all fried. 

We started slowly slipping back. I saw it happening, we were lapping a rider and one of our group slipped away in front of her. I didn't have enough to catch her as she went, and despite me trying to explain (in english) what was happening, either no one noticed, or no one cared. We were caught. 

I stayed toward the front, whenever I had the strength I would try and push the pace of the pack. My teammate did the same, but we couldn't organize well enough to pull it off. With about three to go, we were in the home straight when a woman sprinted up next to me, reached out, slapped me on the arm and said "NO". I was confused and appalled. Mostly because I had zero clue why this woman slapped me, and the rest because. WTF???? I sprinted up next to her and stated clearly "DO NOT HIT ME, THAT IS NOT OKAY... ABSOLUTELY NOT". Ya know, because we are in preschool... I moved forward and tried to get my head back in the game. 

In the last lap my teammate Mary made one last ditch effort to encourage a surge. If you're not familiar with Mary Maroon, if she goes, and you're not ready... it sucks to be you. I barely hung on to the back of the surge and powered myself as far forward as I could. We rounded the last turn and I sprinted with all I had. 10th place. Not bad McGowan, not bad at all. 

Ayesha McGowanComment