Gear Check | Fabric Lumacell Light Set

2018-10-16 08.52.57 2.jpg

My favorite time to ride a bike is under the night sky. This means I’m always in need of a good set of lights to keep me visible to other road users. I’ve recently tried these super well designed Lumacell lights from Fabric, and I love the simplicity of it all. I’ve been exclusively riding Fabric saddles for a few years now, they don’t currently sponsor me, I just really like their products and so does my butt!

It’s truly brilliant, you install the lights onto your bike with these really sturdy rubber mounts. They close with a hard plastic clasp. The light itself attaches to the mount in the same fashion that it charges.

Stoked that I don’t have to use a cable to charge, the USB plugs directly into a computer, or a charging block!

The other thing I really liked, is that I can easily turn the lights on and off without a huge production. The location of the power button is excellent. It’s not a lot of guess work in figuring out if you’ve found the on/off switch. I’m super into that because it’s something I usually have trouble with.

So, if you’re looking for a set of relatively inexpensive rechargeable lights, I have no hesitation in recommending these. Keep in mind, these are not lights that will illuminate your path in complete darkness. These lights are geared towards helping you be more visible in low light settings. They do have more powerful options on their website. I have not tried them personally, but as a brand, they’ve always seemed to come through with quality well designed products that I’m super into.

Fabric Lumacell Lights set $39.99

30 / 20 lumens (F / R)

  • Multi-position mount

  • Direct USB charging

  • IPX5 water proofing

  • Water tight seal

  • No Cables

  • 8hr Battery

  • Four Modes : High / Med / Low / Flash