Advocacy Season is here!!!!

Moving Forward Together Conference: September 4-7

This week I’m in Portland for the Better Bike Share Moving Forward Together Conference. I’ll be leading my workshop on Representation of diversity in Content creation. Hoping to see some new folks to whom I can present my good word.

My workshop is at 10:45 am on Wednesday, September 5th! I’ll be floating around the conference otherwise, so maybe I’ll see you there!

The Donut Ride: September 29th

InTandem’s fourth annual Donut Ride is around the corner. It’s one of my favorite events of the year, as it is both delicious and fun! When there are donuts at every rest stop, you can’t really lose. This ride is in support of InTandem, a non-profit organization that provides tandem cycling opportunities for people with disabilities. If you’re in or around NYC on September 29th, Join us!

GA Bike Summit: October 13th

I’ve been invited to deliver a keynote address at this year’s Georgia Bike Summit. Honestly, I’m ready to get up there, have a good time, and maybe convince even more folks that representation matters. I’m not as nervous as I think I should be.  Besides, If I imagine everyone in their underpants, I think it would be more uncomfortable than helpful. 

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Camber Exchange Colorado Springs: October 17th

I’ve never been to a camber exchange, but that’s about to change. I’ll be joining some other rad women on a panel presented by SRAM. 

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Mike Nosco Ride Women’s Clinic (Tentative): 

Aiming for perfect attendance for three years in a row as a presenter for the Mike Nosco Ride Women’s Clinic presented by The Network of Advancing Athletes. It’s certainly a goal of mine to get more women of color to join the clinic and the ride this year! If you’re in So Cal Near Thousand Oaks, stay tuned and come through. 

Looks like I’ll be touching down somewhere near each of the four corners of the continental USA. Catch me if you can! 

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