Deuter Future Pro 38L & 40L Hiking Backpack

Will and I left our house in Decatur Georgia on May 13th and today June 17th, we are finally on our way back. We’ve used so many different bags over the years, but this trip we decided to try something new. Deuter sent us the Futura Pro 38L and will a Futura Pro 40L hiking backpack. We needed something that could hold our clothes and camping supplies, fit in the overhead on airplane, and be easy to transport on a bike.  It checked all of those boxes for sure, we also got lots of compliments and it was a huge conversation starter in airports and at events. 

Despite having more space than I’d possibly need, I still managed to overpack, but the pack had lots of nooks, crannies, straps, and hooks to help compensate for my lack of preparation. 

We’re driving home and wanted to share some thoughts about the bags.

Favorite Feature?

Ayesha: That top pocket was so useful. There was one on the inside where I’d keep my underpants and sports bras, but the one on the outside was great for stuff I wanted quick access too like electronics and my salt and pepper. 

Will: Pocket integration. The zipper pockets on the sides and the zipper pocket on the bottom that fits the sleeping bag and sleeping pad. And the zipper pocket for the dirty clothes. 

Surprising feature you used more than you thought you would?

Ayesha: I didn’t use the bladder pocket to store water. I used it for my 13inch MacBook air instead, It was perfect! 

Will: The top pocket was really useful. And i loved the mesh pockets on the side for my coffee tumbler. It was still easy to access while riding, and it never fell out. 

How’d you like the fit?

Ayesha: If you pack it too high up it’s not comfortable with a helmet, but if you pack it properly, it’s perfect. The ventilation of that wire frame was so clutch during those long hot bike rides through London on a mountain bike… especially that time i didn’t have enough air in my tires. 

Will: It fit me just fine, and the back support was amazing.

Anything you would change?

Ayesha: Not that I can think of. 

Will: I would have a more enclosed front section. 

Anything You’d like to add?

Ayesha: If you have two bad shoulders, the back support is really great. I was really impressed with how light it felt even tho I’d clearly overdone it. 

Will: It was the perfect size for travel.  But If you have anything larger than a 13inch laptop, it probably won’t fit.

Check out the Futura Pro 38L and will a Futura Pro 40L by visiting Deuter’s Website.

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