Justin Williams "Everyone in this sport is longing for change"

If I was a betting woman, I’d pretty gladly put my money on Justin Williams to take a race win, and most of time I’d walk away richer for it.

The first year I traveled around the country, I’d stick around and watch him win the men’s race just to feel the pride that came from knowing how remarkable it was that this black kid from LA came to a pro race and hurt feelings once again.

The most upsetting thing for me was the fact that no matter how many times he won, it wasn’t enough. Folks with less talent would get bumped to the next level, and Justin would still be crushing souls on the US domestic criterium scene.

Opportunity is everything. And after being denied opportunity too many times, Justin decided to make his own. I. AM. SO. PROUD.

L39ion of Los Angeles is a breath of fresh air in this mostly stale race scene. Some teams jazz up a kit, or come up with a gimmick, but the L39ion team is a whole mood. It’s a team of very talented men who have decided to be themselves, push themselves, and do what they do best. I can’t get enough. I’m a self appointed member of the L39ion fan club, and I wear my t-shirt and sweatshirt with immense pride.

“Being involved in a sport that is primarily white it was hard not to feel alone, and it ultimately cracked me.”

Jen Kyle Whalen interviewed him for her web series “The Issue Is”, and it seems to be making the rounds, striking nerves, and starting conversations. Extremely important conversations. The thing that broke my heart was Justin mentioning how feeling alone eventually cracked him. I worry about this constantly.

The beautiful thing is that Justin took that brokenness and built something absolutely beautiful with his family. I live.

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