REI Co-Op Journal: Ayesha McGowan is Having Her Best Season Yet

I didn't make it to the finish of my last race, I felt sick and wobbly and got myself to medical. It was such a bummer to work so hard and have my race end not from a dropped chain, or from a steep climb, but from an untimely virus. Nike racing is sometimes cruel and unforgiving, but it's that way for every single person involved.

Sunday, I did not feel like an imposter at all. I haven't felt that way in a while tbh, and that's because I know I belong in this space, I've worked my ass off (with help from @jlehman712 and @cts_trainright) to be here and I am extremely proud of where I am and what I can do.

This article digs into some of my more personal thoughts and feelings during this stage of my journey. It feels extremely vulnerable, but I'm hoping my honesty can help someone else trying to do something big or small.

Thanks to REI for the platform and to Julie Brown for the interview.

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