Race Résumé

Ayesha started riding bikes as a commuter while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since then, she has submerged herself into the world of cycling. While living Brooklyn, NY, she worked as preschool music teacher, a Branding Administrator for WE Bike NYC, an organization geared towards getting more women on bicycles, and Director of Programs for InTandem, an organization that provides access to bike rides for people with disabilities. In 2014, after advocacy led her to a celebration for Evelyn Stevens, she discovered the world of bike racing. She won her first state championship in her third race. It didn't take long for her to notice that she was one of very few females of African-American descent on the scene. In fact, she discovered that there had not been a single African-American pro road cyclist, ever. She has taken it upon herself to become the first. Working tirelessly towards this goal she has won two state championships and countless top tens at the elite level. Her tenacity and drive have led to several features in major publications  such as VICE Sports, Bicycling Magazines, and BBC World to name a few.  In 2015 she relocated to the San Francisco Bay area for year round training. With the support of Hatchmap, Cannondale, and Starlight Apparel she raced Tulsa Tough, The Tour of America's Dairyland, The Harlem Skyscraper Classic, Intelligentsia, and the Gateway Cup in the 2016 season. She hopes to create representation in cycling to encourage and inspire other African-American women and youth to follow their dreams whatever they may be. 

BBC WORLD NEWS: I Want To Be The First

BBC WORLD NEWS: I Want To Be The First




55th- General Classification (Redlands Bicycle Classic)

59th- Oak Glen Road Race (Redlands Bicycle Classic)

11th- Women P 1/2 Road Race (Sea Otter Classic)

9th- Women P1/2 Criterium (Sea Otter Classic)

40th- General Classification (Chico Stage Race)

8th- Women P1/2/3 Folsom Winter Criterium

3rd- Women P1/2/3 Cherry Pie Criterium

2nd- Women P1/2/3 Cal Aggie Criterium


1st- Intelligentsia Cup Women's 2/3 Omnium

3rd- Category 2/3 Chicago Criterium (Intelligentsia Cup)

3rd- Category 2/3 Lake Bluff Criterium (Intelligentsia Cup)

2nd- Category 2/3 Elmhurst Criterium (Intelligentsia Cup)

2nd- Category 2/3 Glen Ellyn Criterium (Intelligentsia Cup)

16th- Pro 1/2/3 Beverly Criterium (Intelligentsia Cup)

3rd- Pro 1/2/3 Memorial Day Criterium

24th- East Tosa Gran Prix Criterium (Tour of America's Dairyland)

28th- PRT Pro 1/2 IS Corp Downer Classic Criterium  (Tour of America's Dairyland)

8th- Pro 1/2/3 Harlem Skyscraper Classic Criterium

29th- PRT Pro 1/2 Blue Dome Criterium (Tulsa Tough)

1st- Category 3/4 San Dimas Road Race

4th- Elite 1/2/3 Berkeley Streets Criterium

1st- Category 3/4 Berkeley Streets Criterium

1st- Category 3 Chowchilla Criterium

10th- Elite 1/2/3 Cherry Pie

6th- Pro 1/2/3 Cal Aggie

1st- Category 3 Chowchilla Criterium

10th- Elite 1/2/3 Cherry Pie

6th- Pro 1/2/3 Cal Aggie



1st- Category 3 NY State Championship

4th- Category 3/4 Giro d'Grafton Tour of America's Dairylands

2nd- Elite 1/2/3 Cherry Blossom Challenge

5th- Pro 1/2/3 The White Plains Downtown Criterium 

8th- Elite 1/2/3 Dave Jordan Central Park Classic

1st- NY State Track Championship Team Sprint

3rd- R&A Cycling Series Circut Race

20th- Downtown Walterboro Criterium


1st- Category 4 NY State Criterium Championship

1st- Category 4 Danbury Audi Race for Scholars 

1st- Category 4 Philadelphia Arsenal Criterium

3rd- Category 3/4 Philadelphia Arsenal Criterium

17th- Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic

8th- Category 4 Giro Del Cielo 8 GC

2nd- Category 4 Giro Del Cielo RR 

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