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The Untokening

Thanks to a scholarship, I look forward to attending this incredibly necessary event.

For too long, dominant narratives in mobility advocacy have drawn from the experiences of the most privileged. In advocacy spaces, questions of equity are often treated as an afterthought or sidebar. Advocates “from diverse backgrounds” are often invited to the table to speak on behalf of an “underserved” population. While our own personal experiences or those of the people we represent are generally welcomed as anecdotal insight or emotional touchstones, that input is often set aside if it challenges the mainstream agenda.

The Untokening will bring together leaders of color and advocates whose voices have been marginalized to create new visions for mobility advocacy.

Held immediately following the Facing Race conference in Atlanta, the Untokening will center intersectionality and, through collaboration that embraces our expertise and the expertise of our communities, create a series of equity statements on critical issues, like gentrification and community engagement.

If you know what it is to be tokenized...

If you're tired of equity subcommittees and working groups that rarely result in real change...

If your perspectives and the experiences of your community aren't fully reflected in mobility advocacy...

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