Day 22: Netflix and Train | Barry

Rating: Meh... 

This film has so much potential, but if you've been following along you'll know my thoughts on unused potential. The film follows a 20-year old Barack Obama during his junior year at Columbia University as a new transfer student. Throughout the film he is discovering himself, figuring out where he fits into society, and tackling the unnecessary blatant racism that comes with being a black man in america. They also presented the perspective of dealing with two communities as a biracial (yet visibly black) man dating a white woman. It was a charming film, but it was simply lacking. I could see where they tried to make Obama appear as accessible as any other college student. One could argue that his mostly straight edge lifestyle doesn't exactly present itself for scandalous jaw dropping cinema, but hey, it's okay to be a little boring. I myself identified a lot with his repeatedly identifying places as  "not [his] scene".  

In summary, no it's not the greatest or most exciting of films, but it was a very interesting perspective and I still enjoyed watching it. At 1 hour 44 minutes, it was the perfect length for my 1 hour 30 minute trainining ride.   

Ayesha McGowanComment