Woot! Guess who's a Cannondale Women's Ambassador?

Emoji is wondering why I'm so happy! 

Emoji is wondering why I'm so happy! 


I am beyond excited to finally be able to shout from the rooftops that I am officially a Brand Ambassador for Cannondale! WOOHOO!

I've been racing on a Women's specific Cannondale Supersix from the start, so this partnership is particularly near and dear to my heart. I truly couldn't imagine racing on anything else. While nothing will beat hard work, adequate equipment is a huge part of keeping up with elite/ pro cyclists. I'm excited to have the latest and greatest in order to give me even more of a competitive edge while I undertake my goal of competing in as many high level races as I can this year!  I'm so stoked that Cannondale saw my vision of mixing up the women's racing scene, and have signed on to sponsor me. I'm determined, and I'm working hard, so it's incredible to have this extra push to help me find my way to the top. You bet your hind parts I'm gunning for it! 

Meet my crazy awesome new Crit Machine!!!! I've been riding it all week, and I finally raced it today (Sunday) in the Santa Cruz Crit, and let me tell you!!!!!! This Caad12 Red helps me move! Cornering is a non-issue on this thing, I felt solid no matter how tight the turn. I went climbing on Wednesday, and while I'd been struggling with rollers lately, the shifting was so smooth I was actually enjoying the steeper climbs. I also PR'd on the Wildcat Descent. Needless to say, I am pleased with my new ride! I imagine the way I feel riding it is very similar to the feeling Harry Potter got from ripping through the sky on his Firebolt! THANK YOU SO MUCH CANNONDALE! This bike rules!!!! Also, the orange accents match all of my team kits! 

Not gonna lie, I felt like the coolest kid in school to have the men at the Port ride drooling over my sweet, sweet new bike.  All it needs now is a name!




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