A Quick Brown Fox p/b Hatchmap

Poster and Kit Design by Alex Ostroy of Poseur Sports

How does one become the first female African-American professional road cyclist? To be honest with you, I don't know. I'm figuring this out one step at a time. In the beginning of every season, I give myself a list of goals. Last year I successfully completed my goals of winning another state championship, and racing in a state I'd never been to before. 

In preparation for the Tour of America's Dairyland's in the beautiful state of Wisconsin, I was encouraged to jump into some high level races closer to home. I chose Speed Week. I entered two Pro 1/2/3 races that week. The Park Circle Criterium and the Downtown Walterboro Criterium, both in South Carolina. They were super fast, and super fun. I Iearned more in one hour of hanging on for dear life, than I had in any race I'd won prior. So this year, my big goal was to get myself out to as many of those high level races as I could. 

The jump from Cat 3 to Cat 2 can often seem incredibly large. It might be a while before I win another race, but my OG mentor always reminds me. "The best training for racing, is racing" 

With that in mind, i'm going for it. I'm jumping into as many high level Crits as I can. Now let's face some facts. Racing and traveling are both incredibly expensive, so last fall I reached out to Randy at Hatchmap with a proposition, and together we organized this Crit tour! With the support and sponsorship of Hatchmap, Cannondale, and Starlight Custom Apparel, I'm proud and excited to announce: 

A Quick Brown Fox p/b Hatchmap!

Hatchmap is a boutique software development workshop in Brooklyn, NY.  In addition to crafting beautiful software, we love to support the development of women's cycling at the local and national levels.  Whether we are supporting first time racers in the NYC-area CRCA Women's Development Series p/b hatchmap or helping our local racers get to the big stages across the country, we are on a mission to bring equality to the sport we love.  Later in 2016, we plan on launching our first purely cycling based product under our new Two Seconds Ahead label, so look out because this means an even bigger 2017 for our teams! "We couldn't be any more thrilled to be on this journey with Ayesha, and we are so excited to watch her grow in this sport we love!"

Cannondale has signed on as a bike and helmet sponsor. Seeing as I've been riding and won both of my Championships on a Women's Specific Cannondale Supersix, I'm thrilled to be an ambassador for them as they support me in my endeavors. I'm so in love with my CAAD 12, i have zero regrets about joining the Alluminati!  


Starlight custom apparel has been providing custom cycling apparel to clubs and teams since 2011. Their standard delivery is among the best in the business, and their 2 Week Express Program is the fastest that you can get. My QBF kits are great! It also doesn't hurt that it's run by some pretty rad humans. 

This is a very unique opportunity built on a foundation of hardwork and incredible partnerships. Thanks to these sponsors I will be racing at the following events:

Athens Twighlight Criterium on May 7th

Tulsa Tough June 10th-12th

Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic June 19th

Tour of America's Dairylands June 23rd-27th

Intelligentsia Cup July 23rd

 Gateway Cup on September 2nd-5th

While in California, I race locally with RAZZLE DAZZLE RACING. A Quick Brown Fox p/b Hatchmap is completely a solo project, and I am the only member of my team. 

While for me the athletic benefits are basically a racing boot camp where i'll be in competition with the best female road cyclists in the US, it also helps in my mission to raise attention to women's racing, and more specifically encourage women of color to get excited about it. 

I intend to do community rides and shop visits as my schedule will allow in order to be there to answer questions and say hello. On my visit to Atlanta, I learned that people have A LOT of questions!  Keep asking them!

I'm excited to see that a few friends have already put together group rides and events to come watch and support me and every other woman at these races. Thank you. 

To everyone who has made this possible, the sponsors, my family, friends, strangers sharing my stuff on social media, mentors, coaches, teammates, the press, followers, and distant fans, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I will do my absolute best to keep making you proud. 

If you're around while I'm racing,  and you can't find me just look out for the brown girl with the afro puff creeping out of her helmet.  Also, don't bother trying to convince me that this kit is not fire! 

Kit Design by Alex Ostroy of Poseur Sport  |  Photos by Jesse Lash

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