Supporter Kits are Back!

Can I just say that you guys are so amazing, and I am grateful everyday for the love and support you've extended my way? 

Due to popular demand (I feel all warm and fuzzy saying that), Starlight Custom Apparel has re-opened the kit order! You can order a  jersey, a set of bibs, and/or shorts through their website! This kit designed by Poseur Sport has garnered so much positive feedback from strangers, friends, fellow racers, and race officials alike! It has been pretty cool to see some of the QBF kits out in the wild! Please keep sending me pictures. I LOVE IT!

To all my non-cyclist supporters, T-shirts and tote bags are on the way! Hang tight for just a little bit longer! I got you! 

The kit pre-order is open until August 3rd, so you have two weeks to get your order in. It just so happens that Starlight is offering automatic 2 week shipping, so everyone should be rocking their new kits by mid to late August! Woot! 

Order your AQBF Kit here!

Ayesha McGowanComment