It's been a long time!


So I've been hiding in my new digs in Decatur, GA. Well, not really hiding (yes, really hiding), whatever. Despite only leaving my house to ride bikes and buy groceries, I've been doing some pretty sweet stuff from the sidelines and I did some really sweet stuff before I got here. So here's what's good. 


What's next? I'm in LA Nov 1-4!

Uhh. There's a podcast here and an article there, I'll do my best to alert you when that happens. As far as my physical presence? This is where I'll be!

1. Ladies Night! 

NAA-MNMR Ladies' Night   by Network For Advancing Athletes

NAA-MNMR Ladies' Night

by Network For Advancing Athletes

2. The Untokening

I was able to be a part of this event in Atlanta last fall, I'm thrilled to join them this year in California. The thing about the untokening that is beyond wonderful, is that they make sure there are voices in the room that truly represented the folks in the communities that are being served. It's the most blatant application process, and I love it. They ask you why you want to be there, and how you identify. How will you contribute, and what will you take away. These questions are necessary. Without them, it would be yet another conference of people blowing smoke about issues that have experience with. Truly glad I can be a part of it, and see all my bike advocate frenz =) Learn more.


Been there, Done that. Didn't tell you about it. (Sorry)

1. Wheel Suckers Podcast

When I was in London, I met up with Jenni and Alex on a boat, we talked about many things, and then they fed me spaghetti while we ate on top of that boat docked along the canal. It was great. So is this podcast. Be sure to check out other episodes too, these women are way up on the rad meter. Just do yourself a favor and subscribe. Yea. DO that. 

2. Look Mum No Hands w/ Velo City Girl

Speaking of London, After a morning of brunch and a visit to a genuine Tea Shop with Jools Walker (Velo City Girl), We did a live chat at Look Mum no Hands. It was so cathartic to talk with Jools because she really gets it. As a black women in the bike world, she was able to ask the right questions, and I answered as honestly as I could. Check it out!

3. Ride Across Wisconsin 2017

This one deserves it's own dedicated blog post. Wait for it, it's coming. I still can't believe I rode 178 miles in a day... again. 


4. I moved to Georgia! 

Will and I packed up the furchildren and we camped our way across these united states. It was quite the experience. You ever camped in a tent with a man a dog and two cats? I have!


That'll do it. Mostly training, working, and surviving in these streets for the next few months, either way, i'm pretty good about staying present ontwitter, IG, and the book of faces! Follow meee!

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