Quick Brown Foxes | Chapter 5: zahra Goes Further


The imagination is merely a starting point to your next adventure, if you are in need of some inspiration and a kickstart to your own imagination, just take a peek at zahra’s IG feed!

What was the most valuable thing you learned from the women in the spoken heart collective? Thinking back on it, that experience taught me that

  1. You can change your life,

  2. Create what you don’t see if you want it

  3. I Can do anything. 

Was there a challenge in adjusting your bike lifestyle when you inherited Cassius and Marley? Yes and Not really, they actually were encouragement to just do it, but I had to figure out how to do it in a way that allowed for children. Figure out the logistics and just do it, whether it includes them or not. With RBG (Red, Bike, and Green), I made sure we had childcare during the community rides, now they ride with RBG and on their own. Last year I needed to scout a tour so I scouted it with them in tow. Community is super supportive and cane thru when I was facilitating tours and the boys also have tagged along on a tour or two. We figure it out. 

Do you think there is space in the future for you to find joy in regular bike trips again? Would this require you to step away from your advocacy work? I’m already not too involved in advocacy work so that’s not the barrier anymore. Yes I can find that joy, I actually think it will save my life again. I just need to ride and get out of my own way.

What workshop, clinic, or resource do you wish existed for WOC in cycling? I wish there was more creative story telling to show all the varieties of ways Black women and WOC use biking in the ways that they do. The more stories the more another woman can see herself doing a thing. 

When/ what is the next BFO offering? 2019 we hope to have a full schedule. We just don’t know what it will be again but www.blackfreedomoitfitters.com will be updated w details by feb 2019.

Would you try racing at this point (if yes, what discipline)? I would, Ive thought about cyclocross. I’m super competitive and don’t like losing so  I don’t compete. I’ve also thought about that gravel race just for participation purposes to see if I cld do it but it sounds insane. 


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