Thank you for Doing Better Together with me!

2018-04-01 10.52.52 1.jpg

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2018 Do Better Together Virtual Ride Series. I truly appreciate your support, and camaraderie. Over the course of three months, we covered thousands of miles and countless hours of indoor and outdoor adventures. We pushed ourselves a little and a lot. We rode social rides, centuries, and brevets. We Zwifted, and Netflixed, and technologied our way towards our goals. Sometimes we made it, sometimes we didn't. No matter the result, we always did it together. Thank you to Cannondale, ASSOS, and SRAM for sponsoring this quest, and incentivizing us on the days when it wasn't so easy. 

Here is a gallery of some of your beautiful selves, being excellent while building community. Enjoy!

Congratulations to all the monthly ASSOS & SRAM

Raffle Prize Winners!



I was super stoked to see her name come out of the hat. I found her posts and determination particularly inspiring throughout the series. Thank you so much for participating, Amy!!!! You (and your squad) embody everything great about doing better together.