Missed the Youtube Live Q&A? Ask your questions today on Instagram!

Thanks to the folks who attend my YouTube Live Q&A. We talked about what’s coming next in 2019, and answered a bunch of questions about Do Better Together! I know not everyone had a chance to squeeze in there, so I’m answering questions today in my Instagram stories! Feel free to jump in and ask questions, and check out responses!

If technology makes your head spin, and you don’t know an Instagram story from a facebook post, then go ahead and leave a comment below this post and i’ll answer you here! I want us to all Do Better Together so please let me know what your barriers are, and I’ll do my absolute best to knock them down!

If you’d like to watch the YouTube live session from last night, you can do so here:

It makes more sense if you watch on the YouTube platform and click the “live chat” button so you can see the typed conversation in real time!

Dang, these robots are really taking over!

Catch you in my stories!

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