What are the 2018 Dates?

January 22-28th, February 19-25th, and March 19-25th.

How does this work?

First you register, while registering you can set a goal for yourself. You can complete this goal in whatever manner you please. Outside, inside on the trainer, inside on the rollers, on Zwift, alone, or with a group. So long as it's done within the allocated days, you're good to go, and can proudly show off your medal!

How will we log our miles? 

You will receive an invitation to the "Do Better Together" Strava group where you can support and keep track of other participants. If you aren't already a member will be required to create an account with Strava. Miles can be tracked using the Strava phone app, a bike computer, or manually input post-ride. 


Everyone gets one entry for registering, one entry for each ride logged on Strava, and 5 entries if you reach your goal!  You must participate in all three months in the series to be eligible for the bike. 

How Do I get a medal?

No medals this year! It's all for glory, or you can buy a shirt!  I reduced the price to account for this.  If there is enough demand I might bring it back in the future. 

How to i see and share pictures? 

Search the following hashtags and handles on IG/ Twitter and Facebook: #dobetterride @dobetterride #aquickbrownfox @ridecanondale @sramroad @assos_com as much as possible. 




Do i have to identify as African-American or blacK?

I Said What I Said! All are welcome y'all! While I strongly believe in the need for safe spaces for women and people of color,  I am hoping that this can be a space that is truly intersectional. That being said, if you are an organization that only hosts rides for people of color, follow your best judgement with that, but collaborations are strongly encouraged. Do better, together!

How can i find other dbT folks riding in my area? 

Give a shout in the Facebook event, or look for an organized ride listed on the Strava group! Please let me know if you'd like to organize a ride in your area. Send an e-mail to ayesha@aquickbrownfox.com.


Nope! All are welcome! Just keep in mind that everyone is participating as equals just trying to have a good time! 

is this a charity ride?

Nope. Cycling is a very expensive sport, so the profits will help her achieve her goal of becoming the first African-American female road cyclist.  Not quite a charity, but definitely helpful and appreciated. This is Ayesha's masters plan for a how we can work together and achieve goals as a community. For those who have been asking how they can support, this is it! It takes a village!


Not even a little bit. Although, be sure to join the accept your invitation into the Do Better Together Strava group and connect with/ root for other participants!

I'm ready to do better together with you!