2015 was rad: Thanks Mom!

At my wedding.

At my wedding.

2015 was a spectacular year, full of excitement, successes, failures, and changes. My mom was there to guide me through all of it. Because I'm a 28 years old, and she's going to take care of me whether I like it or not. Good thing I'm into it now. I was a difficult teenager after my dad died, and an even worse young adult, but we worked through it, and now we're pretty great pals!

My mother is freaking fantastic. If I had to pick a number one supporter, she'd win hands down. I come from a LOOOOONG line of strong black women, and this lady is no exception. Everything I am, in one way or another I owe to my mom. 

Her determination and resilience resembles that of an epic poem. A few years ago, I thought it would be a great idea to visit San Francisco for my birthday. In true form, my mom decided it would be a great idea to visit San Francisco with me. The woman likes to travel. Long story short, we rented bikes and rode ALL around the city. We thought it might be nice to cross the Golden Gate and see what was in Sausalito. We made it over the bridge without a hitch, but during the very steep and windy descent into town, my mom flew over her handlebars and broke her nose on the sidewalk. 

That did not stop her from doing a bit of souvenir shopping in Sausalito before hopping back on the ferry and riding the bike back through the city back to the Bike Shop. 

My mom wasn't racing, there was nothing to gain, no glory to be won. But she was not about to cry princess just because she fell and broke her nose. 

A few months later, she bought herself a bike because she wanted to do more riding. Her family thought she was crazy. I thought she was the raddest mom on the face of the planet. Still do.  

I've accumulated a number of ridiculous (silly "how did you even do that?") injuries over the years, and not once has my mom told me to quit doing what I love because it was too dangerous. 

When I said I wanted to go pro she didn't even blink.  It never felt like the kind of support that was coaxing delusions and hope. She always makes me feel like I really can do this, and I know I can. Even when I doubt myself, she always encourages me to stay the course. She's a regular fixture at races, a driving partner, a listening ear, and a motivational speaker (seriously, like Friday night lights "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" type of encouragement). All I do is exist. And she's the reason I exist in the first place!

She and my aunt flew to Puerto Rico to cheer me on for a fixie race which happened to be my first Podium! I'll never forget it, and I'm glad I got to share that moment with them. 

I'm going to travel to more races this year, and there's a pretty good chance my mom will be at most of them. It's not a rare occurrence that a perfect stranger will ask about my mom because they met her at a bike race. I'm hoping for more of that in 2016. 

Not everyone has a mom, not everyone has a supportive mom. I do, and I am so grateful I don't even know how to express it. So i'll just share these (some a little embarrassing) pictures of my mom riding bicycles or chilling at races and being awesome! Happy New Year everybody!!!!

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