Interview with Machines for Freedom

Photo By: @royale77 

Photo By: @royale77 

Machines for freedom is a fairly new company who has designed women's specific bibs and clothing that I've heard are definitely nicer on your lady parts (yes all of them). Beyond that, they have been becoming more and more involved in helping the progression of women's cycling and getting more ladies on bikes. When Ginger Boyd reached out to me to discuss my bold declaration of wanting to become the first African-American pro female cyclist, I jumped at the opportunity. 

I think it's rad that folks are having this "aha" moment where they realize that there literally isn't a single African-American female in the pro peloton. It's still so crazy to me. Not a SINGLE ONE!!!

Either way, this article has sparked an overwhelming wave of support, and interesting discussion about women of color/ women in cycling/ what it means to be a pro on a few platforms across social media. I think it's great! Keep talking about it you guys!

Here's the article!: Ayesha McGowan: A Quick Brown Fox


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