Turning Twenty-Eight

Mr. Smith and Boris are the absolute best! =)

I'm a happy little clam today! I might even be the happiest little clam today. The sun is high in the sky, there's a high of 61 degrees, and it's my Birthday! 

This has been the best friggin year EVER! So much bike riding, with lots of winning, losing, and growing. I've never been afraid of getting older, because you really only have the two choices. You get older or you die. I'll pick the first one, because that means I get more time to ride bikes and have fun with my friends and family. No matter what tomorrow brings, I'm so thankful for today and all of the yesterdays.

I can't wait to ride a bike wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I'm looking forward to riding to the beach, and driving to new places to explore with my soon to be husband. Looking forward to racing, and hanging out, and watching my nephews grow up, and going on adventures. So many things to look forward to!

I'm writing this entry to freeze this moment in time. In the future when i'm having a terrible day, or i'm stuck in a bad situation, I can look back and remember this feeling. Today is amazing, the food, the sun, the bikes, my loved ones, it's all really good right now. This is the kind of feeling I live for. Even though I know I won't feel like this all the time, the fact that it's even possible is enough to keep me going through the rough patches. 

Thank you to everyone who's helped my day/life feel this incredible. I'm forever grateful!