Day 7: Cycliq keeps everyone honest


I'm pretty stoked to be joining the Cycliq athlete community. An invention born out of misfortune, Cycliq's Fly6 was created to record anything happening behind rear of your bike. If you were in a hit and run, or had an altercation with another road user, there would be more than a tale of "he said, she said" to document the incident. They eventually launched the front facing Fly12, now riders can have the confidence of coverage in the front and rear of their bicycle.

It also comes equipped with some wicked bright lights. If you know anything about me, know that I am a fan of practical, functional, multi-use items. Also, more than one of my friends have had to loan me lights because I'd forgotten them at home. I recently graduated from the phone case/wallet combo (a very big moment in my life), but no one can steal my joy about these camera/ light combos! This is right up my alley! 

On a more serious note. as someone who has seen close friends seriously injured or killed in hit and runs, it's comforting to think that if anything ever did happen to me while I'm out riding, there might be a chance of getting justice. On the brighter side, it makes for a pretty handy way to record rides and races for you to learn from/ enjoy and also to share with your friends and family!  Also super rad, there's an app for the Fly12 that allows you to quickly edit short snippets and overlay Strava data. Do it for the gram (I did)! So for now (Read: hopefully for always), that's what I'll use it for. 

Check out their website, and let me know if you want a Fly6 and or a Fly12 of your own. I may or may not have a friends and family discount to throw your way! (I totally do!)

 Now watch my POV going down this hill! Woot!

Testing out my Cycliq Fly 12 on one of my favorite descents in the East Bae!

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