Tell Me About Your Racing Scene!

Help me get more women/ women of color into racing!

Help me get more women/ women of color into racing!

Hey y'all! 

Women are asking how they can get into racing, and I'm trying to build a network so I can point them in the right direction. The first step for me is trying to learn as much about the different racing scenes in cities across the US as I can! If you are familiar with the women's racing scene in a particular area or city, I want to hear from you! Tell me what you know! Clinics, workshops, teams for beginners, programs, anything, and EVERYTHING! Help me by sharing your knowledge! I'm especially interested if you discovered racing yourself through any of these venues! I'd love to hear your story! Please, please, please reach out to! Thanks!

Also, I'm planning trips to Atlanta, Milwaukee, Chicago, Tulsa, NYC, and St. Louis in the coming months. I'd love to meet new friends and see old ones! I'll probably be hunt for host housing pretty soon too, so if you know of someone who wouldn't mind putting up a girl and a bike for a day or two, let me know! I look forward to hearing from you! Woot! 

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