Thanks for the Support in 2017: Skratch Labs & Cycliq

They've got hydration powders, protein powders, fruit drops, cookie mix, and their latest addition anytime bars!

My favorite are the fruit drop chewies because they taste like sugar and I am a child, but the hydration powders are also the jam. Pineapple was my favorite flavor of exercise powder, but since they've discontinued that flavor I've shimmied on over to passion fruit. Taste is really important to me, because to be quite honest. I hate lack of taste in water alone. This makes the anytime hydration an awesome choice. I can trick myself into drinking water anytime, AND it tastes like lemon lime! Woot That's basically non-carbonated sprite right? I don't drink soda often, but I can get down with anything lemon lime flavored! 

The anytime bars are pretty new, and I only tried the ginger miso flavor, because I have a ginger addiction, but Cherries & Pistachio, and Chocolate Chips & Almond flavors sound pretty great too! 

I also looove the cookie mix! I'm no Phil Gaimon, but I can get down with a good cookie!

So yes, Thank you Skratch Labs for having me, I've enjoyed a year of practically zero digestion issues, and I know I have Skratch Labs products to thank for it! Halleloo!


Another thank you goes to Cycliq. If you don't know about these handy little camera light combos, It's time you learned. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 3.14.48 PM.png

Born out of necessity, the Fly 6 and the Fly 12 monitor your ride while lighting your way. Just in case something were to happen, you've got footage for the police, family, or whoever. Your camera is your witness. 

Nothing is 100%, but it's certainly better than the 0% most of us are currently counting on. Beyond the camera, the lights are nuts. I feel like I'm out trying to light the way for aircrafts sometimes. It really does a lot for my peace of mind. We all know I'm an anxious person, so peace of mind is everything. 

So yes, thank you to Cycliq for helping me feel safe while I train in the streets and for supporting Do Better Together in 2017. 

Ayesha McGowanComment