Thanks for the Support in 2017: Jakroo pb Chrome Industries Women Racing Team


In 2017 I was able to race with some incredible women all over the globe. We raced in NorCal, SoCal, Wisconsin, The Netherlands, and Belgium. I was able to learn from some women who'd spent time in the pro peloton and on the women's world tour, it was an wonderful learning experience, and the reason I joined the team in the first place. Since I've moved across the country that squad is not so local, but I wanted to say thanks to Michael Hernandez and the women who made the team what it was. Thanks for the team support from Adam Schwarcz at Oakland Service Course, and Chrome for the sweet gear. Thank you! 

My favorite piece was the Echelon Speedsuit. It had pockets. I got so many compliments. "She has firm pockets." I DID! =) Great for travel, since the pockets mean you can train and race in the suit, also it's nice and thin for unbearably hot weather. I regretted not taking it with me to Jamaica! Came in handy at Redlands tho! =)

Favorite gear from Chrome was the Cardiel Moto Fortnight Backpack. The thing is deeper than you'd think. I could live my whole dang life out of the bag if I needed too... 

Ayesha McGowanComment