#FOXTROT17: Come see me in the UK! | Birmingham, Edinburgh, Inverness, & London


Hey y'all! 

I fly out of these United States in two days to go do fun things and make new friends in the UK! I am SOOOO excited about this because it means I get to talk to folks on another continent about my mission to add more diversity to cycling. It might not come as a huge surprise, but the UK faces a similar homogeny within it's cycling community. I'm very excited to not just share my knowledge, but learn about a new place and meet it's people.

After my UK adventure I'll be crossing off another major goal of mine of racing in Europe. I will be participating in 9 races in The Netherlands, and 1 in Belgium. THIS IS HUGE, and i'll explain more later. This has been a banner year, and although it's July, I feel like i'm just getting started. More exciting news along the way, but for now learn more about my upcoming UK adventure, and if you're around, purchase tickets and come say hi!

I'm gonna go ahead and declare that if you're not busy on July 14th and you're in London, you are a fool if you miss my chat with VeloCity Girl  Jools Walker ... Tickets are free, and the discussion will be fire. You've been warned. 


Official Press Release: 


The Adventure Syndicate is proud to announce that Ayesha McGowan, a Syndicateer from the Bay Area of California, will be touring the UK in July, speaking to audiences up and down the country about her ambition to become the first female African-American professional cyclist.

“Representation is important,” says Ayesha. “If I’d seen another black person in cycling when I was a kid, maybe I would have been inspired to get into it sooner.” She has spent the last five years working her way up the ranks of the US racing scene, as well as tirelessly advocating for minorities in cycling, and encouraging more people to get out their bikes via projects like her ‘Do Better Together’ virtual ride series.

 A vivacious and engaging speaker, Ayesha will be aiming to bring her message to as many people as possible, encouraging them not only to pursue their own cycling ambitions, but also to support others in working towards theirs.

 You can catch her at the following places as she tours the UK:

There will also be a chance to go for a ride with Ayesha, led by LBK WAG, on the 14th July, before her London talk.

For queries and interview requests, please contact: 

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