I am leading a workshop at the Philly Bike Expo


I get a whole lot of questions about how to help the cause of representation (in cycling). So I wanna provide some tools to help y'all help me. If you're in Philly on November 3rd and you wanna put in some self work. Join me.

Representation Matters

Sunday Nov. 3rd, 1200PM

Presented by Ayesha McGowan

The bike industry is starting to create media that states the intention to embrace the idea that the people who ride bikes come from all ranges and backgrounds.  Unfortunately, a lot of the content being created only includes a very narrow scope of what a cyclist looks like and often also leads to the tokenization of people outside of that scope. How do we encourage the industry to better represent those communities? This interactive workshop will give participants a safe space to learn how to process and respond when seeking to encourage companies, organizations, and peers to better represent underrepresented communities and avoid tokenization.


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