Help make a List of POC Lead/Appreciate Bike Events!

Hey there!!

I want to make a comprehensive list of rides/races/ bike events being lead by or even just well appreciated/ well attended by POC. I know the One Love Century and the Seagull Century are big hits, but there's got to be more! There's celebrity rides like the Emmitt's Gran Fondo and Bo Bikes Bama, I wanna know more so I can spread the word and participate in a few!

Not limited to recreation events, or road specific rides! Tell me about races, and off road stuff like Bawse Cycling Collective Bawse CX or the new bikepacking race in Rwanda!!! Feel free to also suggest virtual stuff similar to my Do Better Together.

What's out there? Does a list already exist? Do tell!

(I'll be doubling back for clubs, teams, and POC owned bike shops so put your thinking caps on for those too!)

Ayesha McGowanComment