Bikes: A very underutilized antidepressant

Of course I accidently shut off my garmin for a few miles during my ride... So pro!

Of course I accidently shut off my garmin for a few miles during my ride... So pro!

This morning I was annoyed and sad. So when I arrived home from work, I promised myself I'd go for a ride. But not before making like 525,600 excuses why it had to wait. 

Oh, I’ll just take a nap! Then I’ll go!

NO. I don't nap, I sleep. A 20 minute nap usually turns into a very refreshing 3 hour slumber. Not conducive to getting anything done. 

I should study a route beforehand!

NO. I quickly google mapped a general idea of where I wanted to go. Sent that route to my husband (just in case), and called it.  

I didn’t eat much this morning, I should eat!

Legit. Bacon, eggs, and leftover cornbread for the win! Last week I bonked, was not trying for a repeat. 

I am a MASTER, procrastinator. I will come up with a million ways to stall. Most of them are far from valid. So a few days ago, I deactivated my facebook. I think this act was the real reason I was able to get out of the door and on my bike.

Facebook is a black hole that sucked up all my time. NO MORE!!!!! I was frustrated, and I needed to put all that energy to good use. So after I made and devoured my mini brunch, I threw on my kit, gathered my things, and set off for my ride.  It. Was. Glorious. I revisited Wildcat Canyon road. I'd had such a lovely/awful climb on my ride this past Sunday that I just HAD to do it again! It was just as wonderful/horrible today. Except I beat my time from this weekend! Woot! Once you reach inspiration point at the top. You can see much of the east bay towards Walnut Creek. Peeking above everything is the mean glare of Mount Diablo. I just stood there and stared it down. I've been told time and time again that Mt. Diablo is THE mountain to climb. I mean, it's named after the Devil so it's got to be a leg killer. It's on my list. It's on my list. 

As usual, i've strayed from my point. Endorphins. This morning, I was suuuper annoyed. This afternoon, I tried to procrastinate, but as soon as I started my ride. I felt better. 

There's a point in every ride. It usually happens about three quarters of the way in for me. The point where I feel friggin invincible. My legs are moving, people are staring, cars are intimidated because I'm moving as fast as they are (cars really don't understand red lights). Or at least that's how it feels. It's great. When I finished my descent of Wildcat Canyon Rd. there was a woman walking her dog. She asked me "where'd you come from?" I told her, "El Sobrante", she replied "OH MY GOD!" It's really nice when people remind me of my badassery, cuz you know, sometimes I forget. =)

I had two choices, wallow in my annoyance, or go for a ride. I'm pretty stoked I went for that ride, my muscles ache in all the right places, and I feel amazing. 

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