Day 4: The Beauty of Scars


I've accumulated a few new scars and bruises this season. This one on my leg is definitely the gnarliest and the most visible. Initially I was ashamed. No lie, I've always had pride in my fantastic set of legs. So when this scar made it's debut, my vanity immediately kicked in. I thought about covering it up, only wearing pants, etc. Then I thought about it some more... I worked really hard for this scar. This scar is a beautiful representation of a time I literally fell down in pursuit of something I really wanted. Doing something I truly love. Now, I am damn proud of this scar. I almost hope that someone asks me how it happened so I can recount my badass/ slightly embarrassing tale.

Oh what happened you ask? (Warning... it's sort of gross)

Well if you must know, in the last lap of a crit in the gateway cup, another racer slid out in front of me in the final turn. Unable to come to a complete stop, I glid over her and managed to slice off some leg skin on her chain ring. While panicking to get my chain back on the moto came around and suggested that myself and the two others with me give up and allow the officials to place us. I had come too far and I have a rule, "if I still work, and my bike still works then I keep going". Especially if i didn't hit my head. The other girls helped me get my chain ring on and I pedaled my self on my crooked saddle through the final two turns and over the finish line. THEN I rode my bike to Walgreens and called my mom for a list of supplies to patch myself up before the race the next day. I will never forget the mesmerized looks of shoppers and employees as I walked my bike through the store with blood seeping through the gauze wrapped around my wounds. I felt pretty badass... 

This scar is me learning that falling down isn't the same thing as staying down. So whenever I see it, I'll remember that I can keep going even if in the moment it doesn't quite seem that way. 

Click here to see the fresh scar if you're a five year old like me!!!!



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