Thanks for the Support in 2017: Cannondale Bicycles

Lots of dreams came true this year and it was thanks to some amazing opportunities made possible by some incredible supporters! First up Cannondale!!

Lil' old ambitious me reached out to them in January of 2016 with big hopes, huge dreams, and large requests. My first race road bike was a Cannondale and I LOOOVED it, so to me, it just made sense.  They said yes, and the rest was history. 

This year I rode and raced my Cannondale all over the world, and met some pretty great folks in the process. I love being a part of the C'dale family, and look forward to another year of great times with great people. 

They put up a prize bike for Do Better Together in 2017 (and again for 2018), and helped me find a Tandem to ride with my Grandma in 2016. I'm always so proud to be seen with my bicycles, and it's nice to have the confidence that my equipment will do what I ask of it. 

Thank you so much to Cannondale for supporting me, and even more so giving me a voice to push forward the improvements I wish to see in the bike industry. Excited to see what we cook up in the new year!

Ayesha McGowanComment